Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing

software by doing it and helping others do it.

Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

Beyond the rainbow: infusing your organization with diversity know-how.

IN HOLLYWOOD'S TAKE OF THE WIZARD OF OZ, DOROTHY IMAGINES A PLACE OVER THE RAINBOW where the diverse inhabitants occasionally break into song and dance beneath blue, cloudless skies. Sure they dodge a pesky witch now and then, but for the most part they live in idyllic, albeit segregated, bliss.

A BRIGHTER IDEA? Understanding the ABCs of AMCs

A few years ago, staff at nonprofit organizations might have asked, “What's an AMC?” Today, in the age of outsourcing, the question is, “What isn't an AMC?”


Board Leadership Training

The strength and longevity of an organization hinges in large part on the volunteers who provide its support and leadership. To lead today's membership association, volunteers need initial and ongoing development and training. They need to begin their term of service with adequate knowledge about the association and an understanding of their various responsibilities and roles, fiduciaries and otherwise.

Access + Sensitivity = Success: Welcoming People With Disabilities to Your Exhibit or Trade Show

By Ciritta Park, former vice president Able Management Solutions, Inc . and Susan Friedmann
First published in Convene magazine, 7/97

The 50 million or so Americans who have disabilities represent a major market. Whether they roll into your trade show, walk into it with guide dogs, or communicate with an interpreter's assistance, most people with disabilities carry cash and/or credit cards.

But whether they exercise their purchasing power with your exhibitors is up to you. The keys to being successful are physical access, sensitivity, and promotion.

The Many Textures of Diversity


By Ciritta Park, former vice president

The Americans With Disabilities Act: A Review Course for Meeting Professionals

by Ciritta Park, CAE, former vice president of Able Management Solutions, Inc., is the award-winning author whose series on ADA and the Meeting Planning Professional first appeared in Convene magazine.


The Americans With Disabilities Act: A Review Course for Meeting Professionals (Part I)

Tax Deductions Available To Volunteers

Unreimbursed expenses incurred while providing volunteer services to a qualified organization are deductible as a chararitable contribution. Volunteer services include your unpaid service as a board member, convention delegate, office worker, case worker, Scout leader, researcher, etc.
Qualified organizations include not only charities and foundations but also certain veteransâ groups and fraternal lodges. Basically, any organization to which you can make a deductible charitable contribution qualifies.

What expenses are deductible? 

Recruiting guidelines

1)         Send out a call for nominations. Notify members of the qualifications needed for open positions.

2)         Have nominating committee notify nominees of their nomination and provide them with any written materials that will help them understand the responsibilities involved:

Is your organization financially fit?

Financial disasters and scandals are a regular part of the daily news lately, and it is important that non-profit associations do not join the debacle.

Even the appearance of impropriety can destroy confidence in the association and reduce profitability to nothing. Fiduciary responsibility and accountability are essential. Here are ten "Do’s" for the non-profit, to help ensure integrity and stability:

Is your association up to speed?

Are your association's books and records current and complete?