How to identify tomorrow's movers and shakers

A year ago, the Ohio Bed & Breakfast Association, a client of ours, adopted a written recruitment policy. This year, their spring newsletter included the theme, “Wanted: B&B time and talent; Get involved and join the team!” and an advertisement calling for “a few good men and women.” A brochure describing committee projects of interest to members accompanied the newsletter.

Business leaders face the challenge of change

More than ever, executives in both the business and nonprofit community must practice the discipline not simply of management but of leadership.
Leaders in both the business and nonprofit sector are now confronting a number of common issues, including those related to the aging of the baby boom, diversity, the impact of technology, declining availability of staff and volunteer time, retraction and contraction of organizations due to shrinking resources.

HR's one-stop outsourcing solution

By Sammi Soutar, CAE, President, Able Management Solutions, Inc.

      Want to save time, reduce paperwork and even cut the overhead associated with human resources?
  Fire everybody.
That may sound drastic, but when partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO), it's really just a paper transaction. Once you have let everyone go, including yourself, the PEO rehires the staff and leases them back to your organization.

PEO points to ponder

  • Does the PEO have what it takes to meet your HR needs? Do key staff and facilities reflect marketing claims?
  • How much does the PEO invest in staff's professional development and training? The ever-changing and oft perplexing world of employee-related regulations requires continuing education.
  • Is the PEO certified? Certification indicates a PEO has undergone some rather rigorous accounting scrutiny. Also, some states require that PEOs be licensed, certified or registered.

Power tools for turbocharged board meetings

By Sammi Soutar, CAE
Today's leaders convene in an era when a trio of association challenges - membership, meetings and money - has compelled lively (and ofttimes lengthy) boardroom discussions.
   Now, more than ever, volunteer leaders must find fresh ways to compress time while making meetings more meaningful, productive and satisfying, especially since committed volunteers, while invaluable, are not inexhaustible.
  A few tools and rules will keep your meetings turbocharged and on track.

Three rules

Do you PALS for your vendors?

By Sammi Soutar, CAE

       A sometimes overlooked advantage to having great relationships with your vendors and service providers is their potential to bring you referrals.

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

(but only one good way to transition a client)

By Sammi Soutar

No one really wants to think about transitioning an outward-bound client, even when the AMC initiates the "nudge toward the door," but in real life it happens. 

Diversity for Business Sake!

By Sammi Soutar, CAE

        "It is not enough to be compassionate. We must act." - the 14th Dalai Lama.

     A year ago in March, Fast Company published an article to set the record straight on a widely circulated email that had been erroneously credited to one Phillip Harter, an associate professor of surgery at Stanford University.

Bookshelf Gems

SIDEBAR to Business Plan article

  The Successful Business Plan:  Secrets & Strategies, by Rhonda M. Abrams. Includes good examples for each section of the plan, easy-to-use worksheets, and time-saving tips. Published by The Oasis Press. You can also purchase companion business software:  PSI Research, 300 North Valley Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. (800) 228-2275.

The Strategic Business Plan

By Sammi Soutar

      "If you don't know where you're going, how do you know when you've arrived?"
        Launching a business with a little start-up capital but no plan is a lot like starting a road trip with a full tank but no map. You may find your way, you may get lost, or you may just run out of gas before you get there.