Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations!

By Sammi Soutar

       Picking up good vibrations and maintaining great expectations are crucial to working well with an association board.
    People are, by nature, social beings. We like to belong, gather in groups. An association's board members are no different. However, it is important to cultivate good relations already inherent to a group of like-minded individuals serving as association board members.

How to get better ROI from your RFP

By Sammi Soutar, CAE
        Choosing the right partner to manage your association can start the countdown from lackluster performance to off-the-chart transformation. Some remarkable success stories in association management today are unfolding within the offices of vigorous association management companies that have bolstered their clients' bottom lines, raised the bar on standards, and cemented membership loyalty with award-winning initiatives.

Prescription for a Pain-free RFP

    Open your files and fatten your RFP to receive proposals that accurately diagnose your association's service needs.

Key questions about association management companies

        Running an association is not always a day at Disney World. In addition to trying to achieve the main goals and objectives of your organization, there are all the day-to-day details like bookkeeping, answering the phones, finding and training staff, publishing your newsletter, and all the other time-consuming essentials. They have to be done, but they seem to absorb large chunks of time and resources. Is there an easier way? Could an association management company be the answer? It may well be.

When to choose an AMC

What level of professional association management do we need to manage our association efficiently and well?  That is the first question you must ask when deciding whether to  hire or keep staff of your own or to retain the services of an Association Management company.
Employed staff of an association may have limited experience dealing with challenges related to association management if the only association with which they have experience is yours.  This can restrict the life experience and net

Getting Started: Board Orientation

            Thorough orientation of new board members is crucial for a successful year for the organization.  Misunderstandings and confusion can waste time and resources and undermine an association’s operations.

Who Does What? Boards and Staff


  • The board governs.
  • The board determines and advances the mission of the organization
  • Selects or approves the chief executive officer, CPA and attorney
  • Ensures adequate resources are available – funds, volunteers, technology
  • Recruits and orients new board members.
  • Oversee finances and resources
  • Locate appropriate liability and other insurance.
  • Review and approve actions recommended by committees.


Building Better Board Meetings!

            Most boards meet quarterly, so making the best possible use of that four-times-a-year opportunity is key.  Nobody appreciates having their time wasted, or feeling like what they’re doing doesn’t matter or make a difference.  These tips will help you make the best of the meeting time you have:

Which Management Option is Best?

            Your organization is coming together, growing, and it’s time to make some serious decisions about how it will be run. Whole books could be, and have been, written on deciding the best management option for your association, but let us assume that, if you had time to wade through those, you wouldn’t be here.  What you want is an overview, a guideline, an Association Management for Du…um…Novices, if you will.  You are in the right place!