The Operational Audit – Does Your Association Have the “Right Stuff”?

            The very word “audit” strikes fear into most hearts, with visions of government accountants poking and prodding into every nook and cranny of your finances.  Fear no more!

Electronic Voting - Why Members Love On-Line Ballots

            Without exception, in this day and age, everyone is busy.  If it’s not overtime at the office, or shuttling the children to after-school activities, it’s catching up with e-mail or making repairs around the house.

Better Budget Planning, or “Do we really need all this stuff?”

            Without a budget an association has no financial guideposts, but even as important as a budget is, creating one doesn’t have to be intimidating or involve rocket science.  The style may vary a little, based on the size and needs of the organization in question, but the basics are the same.

Show Me the (Free) Money!

Successful Grant Wrting

You have a project in mind. A magnificent project! Modest in scope, yet brilliant in structure-capable of improving the lives of every single one of your members/clients. No one else in your community has ever even considered solving this problem in this way. The only hitch is the money thing. As in, you and your organization don’t have enough to even start your project. Time to consider fundraising options and one you’ll definitely want to look into is grants.

Whither Goest We

Trends in Association Management

Does it sometimes seem that the future is no longer just a fork in the road, but a complicated cloverleaf with ramps everywhere and no signs at all? That vision isn’t far wrong. Several major trends will impact every area of association management and the prudent association executive will realize the necessity of not only keeping up with the pack, but passing the pack at a dead run. It can be a little scary and a lot exhilarating to face this rapidly changing future, but it can be done.

Sold on Consent Agendas

Want to save time so that board members don’t degenerate into bored members?

Check out consent agendas.
When I first came to association management 14 years ago from the field of newspaper writing and editing, I was struck by how inordinately long board meetings seemed to be.

There was a distinct association culture, to be sure, but what I noticed first off was that the boardroom was full of bored members.

Four steps to better customer service

Delivering outstanding service in today’s fast-paced and high-tech marketplace is an essential survival skill.
As we have made the subtle shift from a product-driven to a service-driven economy, consumers continue to be a determining factor in the survival of the fittest. This applies to both for- and not-for-profit businesses.

The AMC Advantage

The AMC Advantage

Of all the staff and management options, why choose an association management company? What are the advantages for your organization? Three words: Expertise. Accountability. Value.

AMC or Employees?

Which management option is best for you?

You are the president of the board of trustees. The Association you have worked so hard to build and nurture is at a crossroads. It’s time to hire your first staff person, or you are replacing the executive director who had been with you for years. An association management company saw your ad and is requesting more information.

Are you ready for staff?

Most associations start as volunteer-driven. In many ways this is good, as it gets all members heavily involved and familiar with policies and procedures as they are formed. The board does everything – paying bills, responding to information requests, publishing a newsletter. Eventually, though, if all goes well and the association grows, critical mass is reached. The board simply cannot continue to do it all as effectively as it has in the past.