Able Management Solutions, Inc. is a charter-accredited association management company drawing upon a spectrum of human resources and technical expertise to meet the management needs of nonprofit organizations.

We have helped startups, associations in trouble, and those with limited resources.

We specialize in solutions that strengthen your bottom line in communications, meeting and trade show management, membership recruitment and retention, program development and management, publishing, public relations and a host of other nonprofit activities.

Our success can be attributed, in part, to our ability to build strong alliances within the public and private sectors. We have partnered with institutions of higher learning, outsourced service providers, the for-profit and nonprofit communiites in order to fulfill our clients' missions and strategic plans.

We have helped various clients to: 1) win national recognition; 2) break previous meeting attendance records; 3) surpass clients' previous fundraising levels; and 4) outdo past membership growth campaigns.

Our strategy for superior service

At Able Management, we strive to meet your unique needs by: 1) working closely with the organization's elected leadership to achieve short- and long-term goals; 2) cultivating close and ongoing lines of communication with constituents to assess effectiveness of current programs and identify future needs; and 3) developing and implementing a plan of action that results in outstanding service and, ultimately, client satisfaction.

Forging lasting relationships

Able Management Solutions, Inc. works closely with the client to develop a menu of services based on your current and evolving needs. Whether you need help with a single project or an ongoing assingment, we are ready to work with you by customizing a package of services to ensure your success.