• Does the PEO have what it takes to meet your HR needs? Do key staff and facilities reflect marketing claims?
  • How much does the PEO invest in staff's professional development and training? The ever-changing and oft perplexing world of employee-related regulations requires continuing education.
  • Is the PEO certified? Certification indicates a PEO has undergone some rather rigorous accounting scrutiny. Also, some states require that PEOs be licensed, certified or registered.
  • What types of employee benefits are on the menu? Is a 401K or other retirement investment plan available? How do benefit costs compare to other plans?
  • How are benefits funded? Are they partially or self-funded? Is the insurance carrier or third party administrator licensed?
  • Are fees clearly spelled out? Under what circumstances is the PEO greenlighted to increase fees?
  • How well satisfied are the PEOs other clients? Ask for client, credit and professional references.
  • How extensive is the HR department? Will the HR staff customize policies and employee manuals to your specifications? Will the legal department be available to help should incidents arise requiring professional advice? And are these services built into the fee structure or offered on the clock?
        For more information on PEOs and for a member list, check out the web site maintained by the National Association of PEOs, www.napeo.org.
By Sammi Soutar, founder, Able Management Solutions, Inc., Columbus, Ohio.