1)         Send out a call for nominations. Notify members of the qualifications needed for open positions.

2)         Have nominating committee notify nominees of their nomination and provide them with any written materials that will help them understand the responsibilities involved:

  • association’s bylaws
  • code of ethics
  • job description for the position being nominated
  • volunteer service agreement
  • oath of office
  • mission statement and strategic plan.

3)         Once nominees have reviewed the materials and declared their candidacy, have them submit any written materials that could help in the final selection process:

  • letter of intent
  • an application form
  • specific personal information, such as a “mini-resume,”
  •  a statement addressing how their past contributions and activities have prepared them for this position
  • a position paper regarding their views about a critical association issue
  • a board position paper stating their views of what future leaders of the association should “bring to the table.”

4)         Give the nominees 4-6 weeks to respond with the requested materials.
5)         Have nominating committee select the slate of candidates by reviewing the submitted materials and conducting phone or personal interviews to explore each nominee’s capabilities.
The nominating committee then meets one last time to discuss their findings and prepare a slate of candidates based on their recommendations for board approval. For elected positions, the candidates are then presented to the membership for a vote. Appointed positions become official upon board approval.