A commitment to life-long learning

Relevance and effectiveness as an innovative and progressive management firm in an era that is moving from "Information Age" to "Knowledge Age" requires a commitment to ongoing education.

Company President Sammi Soutar and Vice President C.B. Park, for instance, are certified association executives with more than 43 combined years of experience in association management and communications. Continuing education is a requirement to maintain the CAE designation.

Able staff are trained to use emerging technologies and resources, employ new strategic planning techniques and other advanced association management tools because we are all required, from the receptionist to the CEO, to pursue continuing education.

Full- service management options

For clients in need of full support, including office headquarters, administrative and executive staff, we offer full- and selected-service management options, starting with office and meeting rooms, record storage, reception, clerical, accounting and membership database management.

Responding to your specifications, we will:

  • Maintain the association's office headquarters
  • Provide the office equipment necessary to conduct the association's business, including a telephone number to be answered in its name, if desired.
  • Provide the experienced professional association management and support staff.
  • Promote membership growth, recruitment and retention.
  • Publish the association's newsletters, magazines, reports, guides, directories, brochures, books, pamphlets, and other publications, including writing and editing, advertising sales, typesetting and production, printing and distribution.
  • Provide complete meeting and conference management services.

Special Project Management

As your association grows, you need a partner who can build on your strengths, as well as adapt to your changing needs.We offer flexible, diversified programming to ensure your association's continuing success:

To learn more in general about association management companies, read The AMC Advantage and "AMC or employees: Which management option is best for you?"

  • Board Management: selecting meeting sites, scheduling board and committee meetings, preparing and distributing materials, such as board books, agendas, meeting notices, etc., prior to the meeting; preparation of minutes and committee reports
  • Board Leadership Training: including:
    - Development and coordination of board orientation, strategic planning, recruitment, governance manuals, seminars and other educational tools
    - Creation and/or revision of existing code of regulations, bylaws and policy manuals
    - Planning and coordinating board retreats, strategic planning sessions and workshops
  • Formation of New Corporations: Councils, Foundations or Societies. Able will work with existing organizations or with loose-knit groups desiring to:
    - Create new markets internally from industry related subsets within the existing membership base. For instance, a food industry association might wish to form an organization of seafood operators to generate additional revenues
    - Identify and develop new corporations or organizations that are subsidiaries to the existing one. (For instances, a nonprofit corporation to handle its unrelated business income and so preserve its tax advantage
    - Establish related or overlapping membership organizations
  • Contract Negotiations: Execution of contracts with facilities, speakers, and vendors that ensure quality meetings and other services for association members
  • Finance Administration: including basic bookkeeping, accounts receivables, accounts payable, deposits, disbursements, reporting and auditing
  • Fundraising, including corporate sponsorship programs, planned gift giving, grant writing, fundraising campaigns, advertising sales, and development of revenue-producing membership services: including affinity programs
  • Government Relations: including advocacy, public affairs programs, legislative receptions, legislative reporting, establishing and overseeing association olitical action committees, developing industry standards and regulations
  • Marketing: Establising brand identity, use of one-to-one techniques to increase customer response, communicating benefits of association goods and services to members
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention: Prospect marketing, retention, and development of new markets
  • Meeting Planning and Management: Site inspection and selection, planning, meeting logistics, decoration and special effects, trade show management, marketing and promotion, registration and accounting
  • Print Publishing: including Writing, Editing and Design
    - Newsletters, magazines, trade journals, annual reports, pamphlets and workbooks
    - Speeches and special event script writing, news articles, features, columns, editorials
    - Logo design, slogans, press releases, fact sheets, brochures, posters and signs
  • Program Development and Management: including group health and workers' compensation group raiting programs, industry specific programs for members and affinity programs, such as long-distance telephone service and credit cards
  • Public Relations: themed events, promotions, and community service campaigns
  • Surveys: to assimilate industry data to assist members, which could then be developed into information products that can be sold to members, as well as surveys as usefull association management tools for volunteer leaders.
  • Travel Arrangements: including transportation, hotel reservations, educational cruise and tour packages
  • Web Development: including web site design and maintenance, development and management of electronic discussion forums, bulletin boards, and chat rooms