• The board governs.
  • The board determines and advances the mission of the organization
  • Selects or approves the chief executive officer, CPA and attorney
  • Ensures adequate resources are available – funds, volunteers, technology
  • Recruits and orients new board members.
  • Oversee finances and resources
  • Locate appropriate liability and other insurance.
  • Review and approve actions recommended by committees.



  • The staff manages.
  • The staff partners with the board to administer the organization so the board can concentrate on advancing the mission
  • Management provides adequate staff personnel for daily operations
  • Ensures support for most effective use of organization resources
  • Assists with getting new board members up to speed
  • Provide reports and statements to make sure all information needed for oversight is at hand.
  • Purchase approved insurance and maintain insurance records.
  • Implements actions approved by the board.